The holistic approach of ensures that individuals are not only supported in their healing journey but also empowered to cultivate a positive mindset and make meaningful changes in their lives.

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Experience the power of quantum hypnosis and unlock your subconscious mind

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woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

Connect with your higher self and receive spiritual guidance through spiritual coaching

Heal your body, mind, and soul with our energy healing sessions

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person about to touch the calm water

About Us

At Good Human World, we are committed to helping individuals awaken their true potential and live a life of joy, peace, and fulfillment. With our unique blend of quantum hypnosis, spiritual coaching, and energy healing, we provide a holistic approach to personal transformation.

As a born psychic and medium, I offer you a genuine heart-centered experience, coming to you with compassion, caring, understanding, an open mind, and down-to-earth approach. We can help raise your vibration, bring awareness into your life, and the peace and balance your soul is searching for.

We have work with individuals from different cultures and with different conditions since 2015. We primarily specialize on spiritual and high sensitive people (HSP) whom we help manage their energy field, and physical health.

We integrate our psychic and energy healing abilities to help those who are ready to move forward and passed any physical, emotional, or spiritual ailment.If you are struggling with issues that doctors have not been able to diagnose or can’t seem to find the stem to your symptoms, we can help you to break through the situation.

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​Good Human World was founded in 2015 with a vision of helping humans connect to the core of their true self. We have since helped many people worldwide, from USA to Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, England, Finland, Japan, Spain, Venezuela, Peru among others.

​At Good Human World, we believe that now more than ever the western part of the world requires energy medicine to attain a transformation and achieve spiritual unforldment. ​Good Human World brings healing to people's lives by removing negative emotions that impede to overcome traumas from the past, physical and /or non-physical.

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assorted-color lear hanging decor

Good Human World has helped me find clarity and peace in my life. I highly recommend their services!



I am amazed by the transformation I have experienced after working with Good Human World. They truly have a gift!

Mandy N.

The spiritual coaching sessions with Good Human World have helped me tap into my inner wisdom and make positive changes in my life.

Stephanie G.

I'm delighted to share my testimonial for Good Human World's hypnotherapy and past life regression services. The experience was truly transformative. Through their skilled guidance, I was able to explore my subconscious mind and uncover deep-rooted patterns and beliefs. The journey into my past lives was fascinating, providing me with valuable insights and a greater understanding of myself. The compassionate and professional approach of Good Human World made the entire process comfortable and enlightening. I highly recommend their hypnotherapy and past life regression services to anyone seeking personal growth and self-discovery.

Silvia M.

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